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About the job

Professional knowledge requirements:

1. Linux and DB;

2. Cloud, virtualization, and containerization technologies.

3. Carrier Software Data Network.

Service skill requirements:

1. Experience of delivery and Maintenance in VAS: SMSC, USSD and VMS, or OCS, CBS, and CRM;

2. Telecommunication protocols, such as SIP, Camel, Diamter, etc;

3. Experience of delivery and Maintenance in Core network.

Job Role:

Delivery of carrier software products such as VAS and OCS/CBS in virtualization, containerization, horizontal, and public cloud scenarios:

1. Act as a technical implementation engineer (TE) in a project and take charge of implementation and problem handling of the engineering.

2. Output the Low Level Design and integration solution.

3. Execute the deployment, configuration, and support for acceptance testing and go-live-to-maintenance.

4. Manage technical risks and issues during project delivery, obtain customer recognition and effectively implement them, and identify and mitigate potential technical risks and risks in the solution in advance.

5. Summarize and accumulate technical delivery cases.

Remark: Coding is not required for this position

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