Monday , January 30 2023

Product Technical Engineer Job Application

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About the job

Job Responsibilities

1. Take charge of the integration design, integration test and verification, network integration, equipment commissioning, service and data migration, test acceptance, and commercial assurance for optical network products (mainly DWDM and a small amount of SDH/MSTP/MPLS/NMS). Data analysis, solution design, script preparation, solution implementation, training and enablement, and troubleshooting are applicable to transmission network construction, capacity expansion, swapping, reconstruction, and consolidation.

2. Serve as a project TD/TL or technical expert to develop implementation solutions, organize implementation, and handle problems during project delivery to ensure successful project delivery.

Job Skill Specifications:

1. Product capability: The product must be proficient in one or more of DWDM, SDH, MSTP/MPLS, and NMS. Experienced in Huawei optical network maintenance and engineering.

2. Product skills: Be familiar with the commissioning of DWDM, SDH, MSTP, and MPLS equipment, and be familiar with the features of optical network protection, ASON, MPLS, and data.

3. Summarize and transfer experience: Summarize the problems found in daily routine and provide improvement suggestions in time.

4. Influence and communication: Be able to effectively communicate with the customer’s engineers about technical solutions, actively control the progress and plan of maintenance projects, and obtain the recognition of the customer.

5. Risk awareness and problem management capability: Effectively identify network risks and deficiencies, seek help in a timely manner, and develop a solution plan and solution.

6. Standardization: Have good professional quality, be proficient in the process standardization and delivery key points of the communications industry, and effectively manage and control the process.

7. Language ability: Be able to travel overseas, and English can be used as the working language.

8 Other requirements: Be able to comply with work arrangements (such as on duty on holidays and temporary emergency overtime).

Note: Experience in Huawei, team leader, and Python programming development is preferred.


Education: Bachelor’s degree or above (High product skills, experienced maintenance, can be extended to a college)

Working years: 4 years or more

Work experience: 4 years or more communication experience, delivery and maintenance experience of Huawei optical network with large and medium-sized network scale.

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