Monday , January 30 2023

Product Support Specialist Careers


About the job

As a product support specialist you will be working in the product management department of EMPGLabs, which is responsible for the strategising, prototype and management of the various digital products used within the EMPG group.

A product support specialist is responsible for resolving technical issues of end-users regarding the products and services offered by the company. Product support specialists conduct troubleshooting operations for system failures and write resolution reports for reference. They also support the product team in improving the product’s features and processes to prevent the reoccurrence of defects and maintain optimal performance. A product support specialist works in tandem with the tech and the business teams to ensure issue-free, high-quality outputs, and avoid operational delays.


  • Ability to manage clients in-person, via telephone, e-mail, and online conference sessions
  • Strong communication and negotiation skills to bridge gaps between engineering, marketing, sales, customer support, and end-users
  • Have strong analytical skills and a data-driven mindset to craft solutions backed with data and plan value proposition accordingly
  • Help the QA group in testing of several major and minor software releases to ensure smooth delivery of the features
  • Help give demos and provide training to business users on the various features of the products managed by the product team

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